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We are not your standard "florist"; each arrangement is designed with passion and sent out with love. At Coco Christian Flowers & Gifts we strive to exceed each and every customer's expectations. The Coco Christian promise to our customers means quality, care and patience with every flower order and delivery. We put our talents and passion into all our designs. With every arrangement and design we turn your appreciation, sympathy, love and remembrance into something  beautiful and real.


"Life is the flower for which love is the honey."

Victor Hugo

The Coco Saga

Corrie Chrisitian was born with an appreciation for all things elegant and beautiful. With a keen eye for detail, it was only natural that she became interested in the event and design world.  Corrie, an incredibly gifted and versatile person, describes herself as “an artist raised by an engineer.” She loves textures, colors, working people but also appreciates clean lines, structure and working hard.

Her official career path started in 2004; however, looking back, some could argue it started when she was six years old…  Some say her destiny was set on Christmas evening when Corrie, at the age of 6, opened a box with a complete child-sized wedding dress and accessories, handmade by her grandmother Mibs Spearing. The wedding Dress christmas gift only led to years of pretend and mock wedding planning -planting seed and passion that Corrie didn’t even realize until later in life.

“Looking back now I can see how God’s hand was directing me. Who would have guessed that all those years of ‘playing wedding’ would lead to this?” ~ Corrie Chrisitan

Years passed and Corrie began developing more professional skills that would one day lead to her life in the wedding and flower world. Her knack for anything creative became apparent, and soon she was pursuing her dream of event design with all the enthusiasm necessary to create a successful company.

333 Designs officially launched in the fall of 2012 and has continued to grow and expand their influence.  The entire 333 team is passionate about all that they do and they cannot wait to design and bless you with flowers and gifts that are just as unique and special as they feel you are!

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